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Supporting your data journey from strategy to value.

Data Strategy & Governance

Your Strategic Partner in Data-Driven Transformation

Elevate your data maturity, achieve measurable data-driven impact, and minimize risk through the adoption of a cutting-edge, compliant data strategy.


Artificial Intelligence

We collaborate with you, integrating domain knowledge with our advanced AI to refine operations, lower risks, and create a customer experience that drives business growth.

Generative AI

Generative AI

Elevating human interactions by leveraging generative AI to simplify, understand and extract complex information.


Streamlining machine learning workflows, ensuring risk reduction, resiliency, and compliance are at state-of-the-art levels.

Machine Learning

Expertly crafting predictive models to anticipate trends, assess risks, and unlock predictive insights for strategic decision-making.

Secure, Compliant & Resilient

Cloud Native Data Platforms

Elevate your data ecosystem with a cloud-native platform engineered for robust scalability.

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Platform Design
Modern, cloud native & battle-tested architecture.
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Platform Implementation
From design to robust & scalable infrastructure.
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Pipeline development
Efficient data flows with modern frameworks for robust pipelines.
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Data Quality
Ensuring high data integrity for reliable analysis.
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dbt Support
Premium support for your dbt implementation and continued development.
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Security & Compliance
Robust protection for your data's confidentiality and integrity.

Why work with us?

We embody a culture of diversity and knowledge-sharing, fueled by passion and pride, to forge strong relationships based on expertise and mutual respect.


Embracing diversity for innovation and creative strength.

Knowledge Sharing

Fostering growth through open and collaborative learning.


Driven by enthusiasm to achieve excellence in technology.


Committed to quality that makes us stand tall.


Valuing lasting partnerships built on trust and respect.


Proven expertise

Expert knowledge to navigate complex tech landscapes.

Global customer service

We are part of the Talan Group, a network of digital experts, enabling us to deliver top-notch expertise and support on a global scale. Our shared commitment to team well-being and excellence allows us to providing exceptional service and results.


Global Expertise

Harness the collective knowledge and resources of a global network, creating synergies that drive excellence in your data ecosystem.


Our global presence and ability to bring expertise to the right locations enables us to establish cost-effective, long-term relationships.

Managed Solutions

Our global presence empowers us to scale and efficiently manage your entire data ecosystem with tailored managed solutions, backed by strict SLAs for guaranteed performance.


4000+ experts

12 countries

500M EUR revenue

Training & Innovation

Our global presence empowers us to scale and fosters innovation and training through our worldwide knowledge centers.

Our Partner Network

An extensive and vetted partner network enabling optimal
quality & service for our customers.

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