The Modern Data Platform Stack

A modern data platform is essential when it comes to building data-driven solutions in an effective manner. A modern data platform can act as a mesh that ingests or brings together data for analytical purposes.


The building blocks for these cloud platforms generally starts with Infrastructure-As-Code (IaC). IaC helps us to provide a highly transparent and maintainable cloud infrastructure to our clients.

Data Ingestion

The ingestion layer of a data platform needs to be flexible in order to ingest current on-prem data sources, third-party data sources and data from future sources the company will use. Import here is not only the manner in which data is ingested (e.g. streaming or batch), but also the maintenance and skills level needed to support it.

Data Storage

Data storage is a topic that has strongly evolved over the last years and will keep evolving for a long time to come. Discussions around ETL vs. ELT and structured vs. unstructured are important to have. Future-proof thinking is also here highly important, needs will evolve going forward.

AI Workbench

Your business intelligence, data science or machine learning team needs a development environment, close to relevant data, that allows them to experiment with and build data driven solutions.

Deployment Layer

Data driven solutions, be it a report, a machine learning model or a visual UI need a pathway to deployment for it to be useful to business users or systems.

How we support you

Platform design & build projects typically involve a lot of stakeholders. Each of them with different requirements for this platform. Given this context, we prefer to start lightweight and with the basics. Let's have an initial design discussion in the form of a brainstorm to see what you need, explain you how we can support the building of a modern data platform and develop a roadmap for your context from there.

Together we provide you with strategic advise and hands-on support in order to build, optimise and grow your data platform.

Collaboration is key

During every step of our phased approach, we work together with you in close collaboration, providing detailed information on our work, as well as gathering your input and feedback.

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