Whether it is setting up data governance for you or running the day to day execution of data governance, we can help.

Setting up data governance

Data governance is not a tool you buy and install. Instead it is a series of processes, policies and standards you put in place to ensure you are in control of your data; meaning you know what data you have, where it is, what quality it is, who is responsible for it, who consumes/transforms/enriches it, whether it is compliant to any applicable regulations and much more.

Once this is defined, tools can help you execute and follow-up on these processes, policies and standards.

Running the day to day execution

Of-course, having these processes, policies and standards in place is not enough either. They need to be put to good use. To do this in a frictionless way, you need someone - in larger organizations even teams of people - who support the rest of the organization to apply them on a day-to-day basis. A new dataset is acquired, great! Can I help you log it in the data catalog and should I assign you as steward, can you confirm the dataset doesn't contain any personally identifiable data? A new dashboard, awesome. Please make sure to use the corporate standard to build it in. What are the sources so we can extend the lineage to inform people upstream there is another downstream user. Also, will it contain any new metrics? Can we define them in the catalog and metrics store?

As you can see, keeping tabs on data is a full time job, gradually - as data maturity increases - more and more of this can be performed either as part of the standard procedure or even automated, requiring less support.

How we support you

Whether you are new to data governance and need help getting started or you have data governance set up and need support to execute it on a daily basis or better yet, you are looking for a set of tools to make data governance even more frictionless. We're more than happy to help!