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Above, under the salary package proposal, you can find our formal proposal.

Given that the Belgian salary taxation system isn't the easiest to interpret  we also provide you with a best-effort simulation to give you an idea of what this proposal means for you at the end of the month. Please also see this as nothing more than a best-effort estimation; for a more formal simulation, please get in touch with your specific questions or use something like this or this.

If you have any questions at any point, don't hesitate to reach out to the person that sent you this proposal via mail or chat.

Monthly cash estimation

Monthly net allowance

You will receive a monthly net allowance. This allowance value isn't taxed and will be paid out in net on your bank account. The components of this allowance are build up according to formal regulations set forth by Belgium's social security.

Copyright fee

If there is an IP rights percentage mentioned in your proposal, then your role is entitled to get a part of your gross salary paid out in IP rights fees. This part of your gross salary is taxed in a very beneficial way. While this changes nothing for you day-to-day, it allows you to decrease your total tax burden.

Mobility budget

At Dataroots, you have the option to opt-in for a company car or for a mobility budget. The mobility budget is a monthly budget constructed so you can use it without any taxation for sustainable mobility options (e.g. train or bus tickets, a bike purchase..) or to pay your rent or loan. If you want to convert it into cash, there is approx. a 30% tax deduction.

Meal vouchers

You will receive a Monizze card loaded every month with the value defined in the green box multiplied by your actual days worked for the given month. You can use this card to buy food at (almost) every supermarket in Belgium. The estimation is based on 20 working days. For a meal voucher value of e.g. 7 EUR as an employee you are legally obliged to contribute 1.09EUR from your net salary. This means that for this example, the net value of the meal voucher is 5.91 EUR.

Laptop & phone

A MacBook Pro will be provided for technical roles. A net budget of 600 EUR will be provided for you to buy a phone. Dataroots will pay for a monthly mobile phone subscription.

Hospitalization insurance & pension plan

Dataroots provides hospitalization insurance and pension plan by AG Insurance. Dataroots cover all costs related to these insurances.

Yearly net extras

End-of-year premium

This premium equals 1x your monthly gross salary and is related to your employment in the current year (will be calculated pro rata if you didn't work a full year). You are only entitled to this premium if you have a seniority of at least 6 months.

Holiday pay

Your holiday pay consists of two parts. Single holiday pay, continued salary payment during holidays, paid when you take holidays. Double holiday pay This amount corresponds to 92% of your gross monthly salary and is paid annually in June.

Result-based bonus

We aim to pay a bonus based on our company results each year. The occurrence and value of this bonus depend on the yearly results.

Sectoral bonus

All active employees in our sector (PC 200) are entitled to a yearly sectoral gross bonus that is paid with the salary of June. The reference period for this bonus is from June of the previous year till May of this year. All people who worked at dataroots the whole reference period received €267,64 in 2021. This amount is related to your employment during the reference period and is indexed annually.

Eco vouchers

Eco vouchers can be used for all eco-friendly purchases. The reference period for eco cheques is from June of the previous year till May of this year. If you worked at dataroots the whole reference period, you are entitled to €250 of eco vouchers (otherwise, it will be calculated pro rata).


At Dataroots, you will have 20 days of legal holiday a year. Besides those days off, you will also get 'working time reduction' days. The amount of these days is based on the total amount of months you will work at dataroots in that year. If you work an entire year, you will receive 12 days of working time reduction. In total, you will have 32 days off.


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