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AI Research Applied

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already up and running and still there is so much left to explore and learn. The idea of Rootlabs is to establish a community to focus on applied AI research and to share knowledge and experiences on AI.

Rootlabs works in collaboration with academic institutions, government agencies and private organisations to further explore the possibilities of AI and investigate how solutions can be applied in different business models. It is a place to foster academic output in an applied AI setting to create prototypes of AI solutions. Out of rootlabs students at academic institutions are supported in internships and thesis subjects related to AI.

Rootlabs pursues people to achieve more with AI and supports each to become the best they can be in AI. Rootlabs hosts the Rootacademy, an education program in AI excellence. To work with AI, developers need to adapt to new / other technologies. In this world of fast changing AI features in combination with new upcoming technologies, the Rootacademy updates a an education program bundling the AI best practices and the best of breed of AI technologies and methodologies. The Rootacademy provides different learning schemes, going from young graduates training to programs for experienced developers.

Rootlabs organizes different open events to share knowledge and experiences in AI:

  • Rootcamps: Open sessions to involve and introduce community in AI evolutions and opportunities, speakers have different backgrounds.
  • Rootbreakfast: Informal breakfast bringing together players in AI.

For the length of the Covid-19 lockdown we will share our know-how with you through our rootlabs@lunch. Events on Meetup ( and recordings on YouTube (


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