Arty Farty - AI Song Contest 2021

by Virginie Marelli

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Arty Farty - AI Song Contest 2021

Arty Farty - AI Song Contest 2021

Since 2020, dataroots participate in the AI Song Contest. Since the contest is around the corner and the team is working hard, we thought to tease with our previous participations!

For the 2021 submission, Beatroots upped their game and studied the Jukebox model released by OpenAI. This model opened many opportunities to sample musical audio waves and complete musical ideas in the style of many genres and artists. Beatroots fine-tuned the model with curated similar sounding songs and picked the most promising sample it could generate. The final sample was then remixed into an actual song, which Beatroots named Robotic Love. An open source Style GAN trained on 70s sci-fi comics created an accompanying music video.


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