Dataroots Research

Our applied R&D laboratory.


Knowledge development & sharing helps everyone grow.

Since Dataroots was founded, in December of 2016, we have continuously invested a significant percentage of our revenue towards applied R&D activities.

Our long term commitment to bridging the gap between research and industry has resulted in the growth of a impressive team, key academic and industry partnerships, innovative projects, spinoffs and community events.

Dataroots Research, headed by Virginie Marelli, is the embodiment of our dedication to knowledge development and sharing with the community at large.


10% of revenue invested
in applied R&D yearly

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Applied R&D
made possible
by an excellent team

Virginie Marelli

Virginie Marelli

Head of Dataroots Research

Virginie has a background in mathematics and believes firmly in AI to be omnipresent in the future. Even comparing it to the second industrial revolution. She would love to play a part in this (r)evolution. In systematically improving and ensuring that AI is implemented in an ethical way, her purpose is to impact the world we live in. Virginie gladly shares her passion and experience in helping others reach their goal.

Sam Debruyn

Sam Debruyn

Guild Lead Data Engineering

Sam started programming when he was 10 and his passion for IT continued to grow ever since. After completing a bachelor in Applied Computer Science he became mobile app developer. Four years later Sam made a career shift from technical lead/architect to data engineer at dataroots. Today Sam helps our clients build data pipelines and setup data lakes on Azure. Sam loves to work and play with new technologies & methodologies and sharing knowledge and experiences with his amazing colleagues.


Dorian Van den Heede

Guild Lead Machine Learning

With his background in computer science, Dorian pursued a career in AI as it encourages creativity when designing algorithms. Although there are rules in place, most use cases have a multitude of solutions, opening the door for intuitive and original approaches. He believes the Machine Learning guild, and dataroots by extension, is the perfect spot to combine your passions with AI and share them with like minded people through the form of initiatives.

Nicolas Gelders

Nicolas Gelders

Guild Lead DevOps

Nico is the Benevolent DevOps Guild Master at Dataroots. He joined dataroots as a Data Engineer, quickly discovered the vast jungle of DevOps and immediately fell in love with the mindset. Automating processes and seeing everything come together in production is why he wakes up every morning. Next to his day to day job he is a retired CS:GO player and an avid cyclist. Although he is not Dutch his two favorite sportsmen are Mathieu van der Poel and Max Verstappen.


Charlotte De Baere

Guild Lead Data Strategy

Charlotte has worked on and supported numerous data and ML projects. During her most recent years, her focus shifted more towards project and stakeholder coordination in projects around machine learning, artificial intelligence, data management and towards bringing relevant business insights. The purpose of the Data Strategy guild is to guide and support businesses throughout their entire data and AI journey; from defining their business challenge, determining and developing the most suitable solution or application, to integration into their operational systems.

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