🆕 DataTopics - Unplugged: Data Quality, Contracts and 100 Year Old Hares

By Murilo Cunha, Kevin Missoorten

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Welcome to another engaging episode of Datatopics Unplugged, the podcast where tech and relaxation intersect. Today, we're excited to host two special guests, Paolo and Tim, who bring their unique perspectives to our cozy corner.

Guests of Today

  • Paolo: An enthusiast of fantasy and sci-fi reading, Paolo is on a personal mission to reduce his coffee consumption. He has a unique way of measuring his height, at 0.89 Sams tall. With over two and a half years of experience as a data engineer at dataroots, Paolo contributes a rich professional perspective. His hobbies extend to playing field hockey and a preference for the warmer summer season.
  • Tim: Occasionally known as Dr. Dunkenstein, Tim brings a mix of humor and insight. He measures his height at 0.87 Sams tall. As the Head of Bizdev, he prefers to steer clear of grand titles, revealing his views on hierarchical structures and monarchies.


Biz Corner:

Tech Corner:

Food for Thought Corner:

Join us for this mix of expert insights and light-hearted moments. Whether you're deeply embedded in the tech world or just dipping your toes in, this episode promises to be both informative and entertaining!

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