Podcast Ep: The Privacy Paradox - The Tug of War Between Data Privacy and Safety

By Murilo Cunha, Bart Smeets

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In episode #43, titled "The Privacy Paradox - The Tug of War Between Data Privacy and Safety," our special guest Sofie Van Den Eynden guides us through a labyrinth of data privacy issues that challenge our notions of security, consent, and progress.

  • The DNA Privacy Conundrum: Sofie Van Den Eynden unravels the tensions between the incredible potential of DNA for solving crimes (inspired from Sofie Claerhout's research and historic cases like the Golden State Killer), and the ensuing privacy concerns, exemplified by the 23andMe data breach and the broad implications of such incidents.
  • Privacy on the Road: A deep dive into the ethical implications of employing smart cameras for road safety and the debate on privacy trade-offs, with a glance at policies in Germany and the Netherlands.
  • The Cost of Cyber Safety: How much privacy are we willing to sacrifice for safety? Debating the cost of privacy in the fight against cybercrime. Should transaction data be more accessible to prevent fraud?
  • GenAI and Copyright : We cap off the episode with a discussion on copyright issues in the age of AI, ignited by Kid Rock's interview with Theo Von.