🌟🚀 Let's start the week with a summary of interesting stuff posted last week on our #technoshare Slack channel.

💻 Tech Updates

  • Did you know that the backend of #MetaThreads is built with Python 3.10? It's running on Instagram's Cinder fork with a JIT, lazy-loaded modules, and more. 🔥
  • 🔊 A new episode of the DataTopics Unplugged podcast is out! Learn more about the unique insights shared by hosts Murilo, Kevin, and Bart.
  • The SOC-CMM framework has been gaining traction as a tool for enhancing the efficacy of Security Operations Centers. ğŸ›¡ï¸ğŸŽ¯
  • Has anyone tried Cybervadis? It offers third-party cybersecurity risk assessments and aligns with global standards. 🌍🔒
  • Super excited about SuperDuperDB: it brings AI directly into your database! 🤖📊
  • Unreasonably exciting news: SQLite is introducing JSONB and showing an impressive migration path. 🔥

📰 News Highlights

  • Check out Google's newest and highly capable AI model, Gemini, discussed on Reddit. 🤖🚀
  • Read about the impact of AI on our carbon footprint in the latest blog post from Martijn Vanderschueren. 🌱♻️
  • For Apple silicon enthusiasts: check out the MLX framework for working with arrays. ğŸŽğŸ’»

🛠 Tool & Resource Updates

  • Dive into MLOps with dbt Python models in Bart Smeets' blog post. Effortless integration! 🐍💼
  • An open letter to the Python Software Foundation from the pan-African Python community addresses important concerns. ✉️🌍
  • 🚀 Excitement for GX OSS moving to version 1.0: check out their progress report for upcoming big updates. 👀💡
  • Create AI-generated Christmas cards with tips from Sophie De Coppel's blog post. ğŸŽ„ğŸ¤–
  • Shift in thought: AWS exec talks about Amazon's evolving understanding of open source. 💭🔒

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