🌟🚀 Let's dive into the highlights from last week's #technoshare Slack channel, featuring key technological advancements, insightful discussions, and notable collaborations.

💻 Tech Updates

  • 🔥 Applied LLMs - Discover the insights from a year-long journey of building products with Large Language Models (LLMs), offering a practical guide for success.
  • 🚀 Future of LLMs in Software Design - An enlightening perspective on how LLMs are reshaping software development.
  • ⚡ S3 Is Showing Its Age - A critical look into how Amazon's S3 storage system is grappling with evolving data storage demands.
  • ✨ Apple and OpenAI Partnership - A significant deal marking a new era of AI innovation and development collaboration.

📰 News Items

  • 📘 The End of Software - A provocative take by Chris Paik on the future of computer science education in the LLM-dominated landscape.
  • 🌐 EU ChatGPT Taskforce Report - An examination of OpenAI's compliance with GDPR, shedding light on data privacy in the age of AI.
  • 👩‍💼 Empowering Women in Deeptech - An examination of the underrepresentation of women-founded deeptech companies, and the initiatives aiming for change.

🛠 Tool Updates

  • 🧰 Dagster - Described as vim for data orchestration, highlighting its complexity and efficiency for data infrastructure projects.
  • 🚅 Redpanda acquires Benthos - A strategic move to bolster its end-to-end streaming data platform, incorporating Benthos as a core technology.

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