By Murilo Cunha, Kevin Missoorten, Bart Smeets

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Welcome to the cozy corner of the tech world where ones and zeros mingle with casual chit-chat. Datatopics Unplugged is your go-to spot for relaxed discussions around tech, news, data, and society.

Dive into conversations that should flow as smoothly as your morning coffee (but don’t), where industry insights meet laid-back banter. Whether you’re a data aficionado or just someone curious about the digital age, pull up a chair, relax, and let’s get into the heart of data, unplugged style!

In this episode, we’re joined by Maryam, an Analytics Engineer with a passion for challenges and a knack for curiosity. From sewing to yoga, Maryam brings a unique perspective to our tech-centric discussions.

  • Analytics Engineer Insights: Maryam discusses her role, the rise of Analytics Engineers, and their essential tools. Read more about Analytics Engineering.
  • The Emerging Role of AI Translator: Exploring the link between Analytics Engineers and AI Translators, and the skills required in these evolving fields. Learn about AI Translator.
  • Mistral AI’s New Developments: Analyzing Mistral AI’s latest model and its implications for the industry. Discover Mistral AI’s update.
  • ChatGPT – A Double-Edged Sword: Discussing the impacts of ChatGPT on the AI landscape and the pace of innovation. Reflect on ChatGPT’s impact.
  • ChatGPT & Job Applications: A fresh take on how ChatGPT is influencing job applications and hiring processes.
  • Engineering Management Insights: Exploring whether becoming an Engineering Manager is a path worth considering.

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