Podcast Ep: #54 Is Apple Intelligence...Intelligent?

By Murilo Cunha, Bart Smeets

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In this episode:

Apple Intelligence is finally here: Apple's latest AI advancements, featuring  GenAI images, privacy-first approach, math notes, and a mention of ChatGPT. Dive into this YouTube clip and ponder, will it work as intended?

ChatGPT in a Spreadsheet: Explore the innovative recreation of an entire GPT architecture in a spreadsheet, a nanoGPT designed by @karpathy with about 85,000 parameters.

“How a single ChatGPT mistake cost $10,000” - A clickbait title that stirred controversy on Hacker News, with many arguing the error was their fault entirely, not ChatGPT. Read more community reactions on Bear Blog and LinkedIn.

The ideal PR is 50 lines long: Discuss the perfect pull request length and its impact on code quality, as detailed by Graphite.

Any contribution too small? Delve into the debate on the value of small contributions in the open-source community with SlidevJS.

Adobe overhauls terms of service: Adobe's new terms ensure AI won't be trained on customers’ work, raising important questions about data usage and privacy.

Artists fleeing Instagram to protect their work: Artists are moving away from Instagram to prevent their creations from being used to train Meta's AI. Explore more: Reddit, SWGFL, and Cara.