Podcast Ep: #52 Can AI-Generated Voices Fool Us? Insights from 'De Mol' TV Show

By Murilo Cunha, Bart Smeets

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In this episode, we dive deep into the fascinating and complex world of AI with our special guest, Senne Batsleer:

De Mol + AI Voices: Exploring the use of AI-generated voices to disguise the mole in the Belgian TV show "The Mole". Our guest, Senne Batsleer, shares insights from their experience with AI voice technology.

Scarlett Johansson vs OpenAI: Delving into the controversy of OpenAI using a voice eerily similar to Scarlett Johansson's in their new AI model. Read more in The Guardian and The Washington Post.

Elon Musk’s xAI Raises $6B: A look into Elon Musk’s latest venture, xAI, and its ambitious funding round, aiming to challenge AI giants like OpenAI and Microsoft.

OpenAI and News Corp’s $250M Deal: The implications of OpenAI’s data deal with News Corp. 

Google AI Search Risks: Examining Google's AI search providing potentially dangerous answers based on outdated Reddit comments. Find out more on The Verge and BBC

Humane’s AI Pin Looking for a Buyer: Discussing the struggles of Humane’s wearable AI device and its search for a buyer following a rocky debut.

PostgREST Turns Databases into APIs: Exploring the concept of turning PostgreSQL databases directly into RESTful APIs, enhancing real-time applications.

Risks of Expired Domain Names: Highlighting the dangers of expired domains and how they can be exploited by hackers. See the full story on VRT.

The 'Dead Internet' Theory: Debating the rise of bots on the web and their potential to surpass human activity online.