Podcast Ep: #50 Where Will ChatGPT-4o Take Us? Exploring AI's Future & Latest Updates

By Murilo Cunha, Bart Smeets

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  • Stack Overflow and OpenAI Deal Controversy: Discussing the partnership controversy, with users protesting the lack of an opt-out option and how this could reshape the platform. Look into Phind here.
  • Apple and OpenAI Rumors - could ChatGPT be the new Siri? Examining rumors of ChatGPT potentially replacing Siri, and Apple's AI strategy compared to Microsoft’s MAI-1. Check out more community opinions here.
  • Hello GPT-4o: Exploring the new era with OpenAI's GPT-4o that blends video, text, and audio for more dynamic human-AI interactions. Discussing AI's challenges under the European AI Act and chatgpt’s use in daily life and dating apps like Bumble.
  • Claude Takes Europe: Claude 3 now available in the EU. How does it compare to ChatGPT in coding and conversation?
  • ElevenLabs' Music Generation AI: A look at ElevenLabs' AI for generating music and the broader AI music landscape. How are these algorithms transforming music creation? Check out the AI Song Contest here.
  • Google Cloud’s Big Oops with UniSuper: Unpack the shocking story of how Google Cloud accidentally wiped out UniSuper’s account. What does this mean for data security and redundancy strategies?
  • The Great CLI Debate: Is Python really the right choice for CLI tools? We spark the debate over Python vs. Go and Rust in building efficient CLI tools.