Podcast Ep: #49 How Will the EU AI Act Affect the Future of AI?

By Murilo Cunha, Bart Smeets

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In this episode, we're joined by special guest Maryam Ilyas as we delve into a variety of topics that shape our digital world:

  • Women’s Healthcare Insights: Exploring the Oura ring's commitment during Women's Health Awareness Month and its role in addressing the underrepresentation of female health conditions in research. 
  • A Deep Dive into the EU AI Act: Examining the AI Act’s implications, including its classification of AI systems (prohibited, high-risk, limited-risk, and minimal-risk), ethical concerns, regulatory challenges & the act's impact on AI usage, particularly regarding mass surveillance at the Paris Olympics.
  • The Evolution of Music and AI: Reviewing the AI-generated music video for "The Hardest Part" by Washed Out, directed by Paul Trillo, showcasing AI’s growing role in the arts.
  • Hot Takes on Data Tools: Is combining SQL, PySpark (and Python) in Databricks the most powerful tool in the data space? Let's dissect the possibilities and limitations.

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