Podcast Ep: #44 Unpacking Open Source: A Look at GX, Monetization, Ruff's Controversy, the xz Hack & more

By Murilo Cunha, Bart Smeets

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In this episode #44, titled "Unpacking Open Source: A Look at GX, Monetization, Ruff's Controversy, the xz Hack & more" we're thrilled to have Paolo Léonard joining us to unpack the latest in technology and open-source discussions. Get ready for an enlightening journey through innovation, challenges, and hot takes in the digital realm.

  • GX Cloud Unveiled: Paolo gives his first impression on the latest cloud data quality tool: GX Cloud
  • Open source monetization: Delving into the trade-offs between open-source projects, their managed counterparts and other strategies in making open source sustainable financially, with Astral, FastAPI, Prefect’s role in this space.
  • The Open Source Controversy with Ruff: A discussion on the ethical considerations when open-source projects turn profit-focused, highlighted by Ruff.
  • Addressing the xz Hack: Delving into the challenges highlighted by the XZ backdoor discovery and how the community responds to these security threats.
  • Jumping on the Mojo Train?: A conversation on Mojo's decision to open source its standard library and its impact on the future of modular machine learning.
  • Becoming 'Clout' Certified: Hot takes on the value and impact of clout certification in the tech industry. Read more.