Podcast Ep: #42 Unraveling the Fabric of Data: Microsoft's Ecosystem and Beyond

By Murilo Cunha, Bart Smeets

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In this episode #42, titled "Unraveling the Fabric of Data: Microsoft's Ecosystem and Beyond," we're joined once again by the tech maestro and newly minted Microsoft MVP, Sam Debruyn. Sam brings to the table a bevy of updates from his recent accolades to the intricacies of Microsoft's data platforms and the world of SQL.

  • Biz Buzz: From Reddit's IPO to the performance versus utility debate in database selection, we dissect the big moves shaking up the business side of tech. Read about Reddit's IPO.
  • Microsoft's Fabric Unraveled: Get the lowdown on Microsoft's Fabric, the one-stop AI platform, as Sam Debruyn gives us a deep dive into its capabilities and integration with Azure Databricks and Power BI. Discover more about Fabric and dive into Sam's blog.
  • dbt Developments: Sam talks dbt and the exciting new SQL tool for data pipeline building with upcoming unit testing capabilities.
  • Polaris Project: Delving into Microsoft's internal storage projects, including insights on Polaris and its integration with Synapse SQL. Read the paper here.
  • AI Advances: From the release of Grok-1 and Apple's MM1 AI model to GPT-4's trillion parameters, we discuss the leaps in artificial intelligence.
  • Stability in Motion: After OpenAI's Sora, we look at Stability AI's new venture into motion with Stable Video. Check out Stable Video.
  • Benchmarking Debate: A critical look at performance benchmarks in database selection and the ongoing search for the 'best' database. Contemplate benchmarking perspectives.
  • Versioning Philosophy: Hot takes on semantic versioning and what stability really means in software development. Dive into Semantic Versioning.