#38 Open Source AI, SQL Dialects, and New Terminals

By Murilo Cunha, Kevin Missoorten, Bart Smeets

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In episode #38, "Open Source AI, SQL Dialects, and New Terminals," we've taken a slight detour from our usual live format to bring you an exceptionally pre-recorded session, packed with the same insightful discussions and a touch of geeky humor.

  • Tested Midjourney Alpha UI: A first look at the new user interface. Midjourney Alpha UI
  • When should you give up on a project that doesn't work?: Exploring the fine line between persistence and practicality. When to give up
  • The Open Source AI Definition – draft v. 0.0.5: Navigating the evolving landscape of open-source AI. Open Source AI Definition
  • Ghostty: Delving into the latest development logs. Ghostty Devlog
  • SQL standards are like toothbrushes: Discussing the universal challenge of SQL dialects adoption. SQL standards
  • Mojo vs. Rust: Comparing performance, Pythonic syntax, and the learning curve. Mojo vs. Rust

Remember, this episode was not broadcasted live but was exceptionally pre-recorded to maintain our tradition of bringing you the most engaging and relevant tech discussions.

Intro music courtesy of fesliyanstudios.com