#36 Altman's Chips, Mojo Gets Fast and TUIs

By Murilo Cunha, Kevin Missoorten, Bart Smeets

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Dive into conversations that should flow as smoothly as your morning coffee (but don't), where industry insights meet laid-back banter. Whether you're a data aficionado or just someone curious about the digital age, pull up a chair, relax, and let's dive into episode #36 titled "Altman's Chips, Mojo Gets Fast and TUIs", featuring Nemanja Radojkovic, an MLOps Lead and Educator, as our special guest.

In this episode, we explore a variety of cutting-edge topics:

  • Text-based User Interfaces (TUIs) Rediscovered: Delving into the resurgence of TUIs with Ratatui and gping. Are we witnessing a TUI renaissance? Ratatui | gping
  • The Surprising Length of ChatGPT's System Prompt: Unpacking the implications of a 1700 token system prompt. Is there more than meets the eye? Reddit discussion
  • Mojo Outpaces Rust in DNA Sequence Parsing: A closer look at how Mojo outperforms Rust by 50% in benchmarks. Is Mojo the new king? Modular's blog post
  • Sam Altman's Vision for the Future of Chips and AI: Examining Altman's ambitious plan to reshape the business of chips and AI with trillions of dollars. WSJ article | Reuters on Microsoft's AI chips
  • The Real Challenge in Generating Code: Discussing the misconception that generating code is the hard part, with insights into the complexities of software engineering beyond code generation. Nick Scialli's blog

Intro music courtesy of fesliyanstudios.com