By Thibauld Braet

Entering 2022, we also look back on an incredibly active year of sports. Together with the company, our team events grew and so the amount of physical exercise grew! Check out some summary stats below or click the link in the description to find out more!

Various initiatives like the Strava challenges, Hercules games or datafoots team burned the calories for the celebration with databrews afterwards.

Healthy challenges were a reason for some to push their boundaries while it provided an opportunity to finally meet their colleagues in real life for many others.

2021 has set the benchmark for 2022 with many more cool events coming up! Our Strava challenge has gotten a fixed spot on our calendar and many initiatives are yet to come.

To celebrate this successful year, we're sharing the joy of sports by giving back and donating 5 Buffalo bikes to World Bicycle Relief

Also do check out the data we've gathered and traces we've left during our activities in the visualisation here: