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Welcome Dorian!

20 februari 2018

We are very happy to welcome Dorian to the team! Dorian graduated in computer science engineering, where he got drawn into data science and machine le...


Welcome to the team Virginie!

20 november 2017

Last week Virginie joined dataroots’ team. Virginie is a mathematician who loves to apply her analytical background to real-world problems. She ...


Need to monitor Spark Streaming models?

9 november 2017

Get a look at a prototype developed by Gauthier at dataroots. He combined multiple open-source technologies (Kafka, Spark, Elasticsearch, ..) to offer...

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Welcome to the team Gauthier & Yassine!

2 november 2017

In the last month Gauthier and Yassine have chosen to join dataroots! Gauthier learned computer engineering before working as a data scientist for ove...

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Welcome to the team Rytis!

27 september 2017

We are very pleased to announce that Rytis joined the dataroots team! Rytis is trained as an econometrician and mathematician with past experience as ...

Smart Cities

The value of data science for smart cities

16 juni 2017

Simon Petit, co-founder of dataroots, has given an interview on the value of data science in the context of smart cities. You can read the full interv...

Marketing analytics

Can 99% accuracy lead to a bad model?

29 mei 2017

Accuracy is often chosen as the benchmark performance metric for predictive models. But is this always a sensible choice? Our keen readers can look at...

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Welcome to the team Lan!

24 mei 2017

It’s a real pleasure for us to welcome Lan! Lan has a background in physics and gained extensive data science experience during her work as a co...


Choosing your business’ first successful data science use case

25 april 2017

It is no secret that data science is on the rise. While the biggest hype is arguably behind us, data scientists are in high demand and data science se...

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Welcome to the team Pablo!

5 april 2017

We are very happy to announce Pablo Cogis has joined dataroots! Pablo has a background in engineering but fell in love with data and did his masters i...

Marketing analytics

Towards Predictive Customer Lifetime Value

18 januari 2017

What’s Expected Customer Lifetime Value? Expected Customer lifetime value (eCLV) is a term which describes the net profit resulting from the fut...