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Predictive analytics

Analyze the patterns in your data to build predictive models. Think for instance about credit risk scoring, fraud detection and predicting effects of promotions.


Marketing analytics

Use your sales and operations data to learn what your customer likes, who you should target, where to prevent churn and what kind of promotions are most effective.


Text analytics

Advanced natural language processing techniques to gather business insights from free-text documents.


Process optimization

Objectify and find the optimal flow through a process, aid decision making and simulate alternative scenarios.


Explorative analysis

Browse through you data and discover the value it holds.



Interact with and visualize your data to get actionable insights.


Tools & infrastructure

Advise and training on using R, Python, Spark, Google Cloud and more.


Deploy & integrate

Use you analytics solution in a stable, production ready and scalable environment.

Analytics is our passion!

We are a team of passionate, creative and focused individuals.

We all have a different background and a different story of how we got here. The thing that connects us is that we have a passion for analytics.

Having a broad range in backgrounds allows us to deliver projects from start to end in various domains. It also allows us to use different types of software, programming languages, analytical techniques and data infrastructure. We are firm believers in the "pick the best tool for the job at hand" mantra.

Want to get to know us? Give us a call, shoot us an e-mail or come by our offices for a cup of coffee!

Focus on delivering solutions

We all love experimenting and playing around with data science methods and models. This is important, not only to learn the essence of data science but also to stay on top of the state-of-the-art. However, moving from exploration to solution / production is not always easy.

At dataroots we pride ourselves on our ability to also consistently take this next step and combine this with our experience in making results as easily accessible as possible for the end user.


The phases below highlight how we approach a data science project. The process is iterative and at every step there is extensive collaboration with the client. We highly value transparency and will clearly explain and report on how analysis and modelling was performed.

Phase 1: Creating the roadmap

With the use-case as a starting point, possibilities are discussed and an initial scope is defined.

Phase 2: Data identification

Analyze, combine and transform the identified sources of information - we work with any volume and type of data.

Phase 3: Explore

In-depth data analysis of the provided data along with a feasibility study on the potential of applying data science models to the use-case.

Phase 4: Visualization

Oral & visual reporting of the findings of the explorative phase.

Phase 5: Modelling

Using state-of-the-art data science modelling techniques to develop an analytical model with maximum performance.

Phase 6: Solution delivery

An analytics model and/or the output of the model is delivered to the client in a way that is fit for audience and purpose. If required, it is deployed in production.



Meet the team



Client Engagement / Analytics Project Manager

co-founder, accomplished analytics project manager, lean management expert, improvement oriented, curious, happy father, mountains & climbing

tel: +32 (0) 474 48 40 68
email: simon@dataroots.io



Data Scientist

co-founder, R & Python expert, loves optimization algorithms, open-source guy, creative problem solver, father, mountaineer and avid trail runnner

tel: +32 (0) 471 72 31 22
email: bart@dataroots.io



Data Scientist

co-founder, statistician, R expert, results-driven & pragmatic, proud father, social, loves nature

tel: +32 (0) 472 48 20 60
email: jonas@dataroots.io

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