Our Rootsacademy

Our Rootsacademy

Do you want to kickstart a your career in AI? Then you’ll definitely be interested about our Rootsacademy for young graduates!

Starting your career at dataroots

We provide a solid foundation to kick-off your career in the data & AI domain. Our team of experts have created a rocking program during which you get a thorough overview of the data solution landscape and how these are supported by the main cloud providers. You’ll be taught best practices by our top data specialists and you'll learn how to solve complex problems keeping a customer centric mindset. You’ll be coached by motivated colleagues and will be submersed in an amazing work environment

For who?

The academy is open for Machine Learning, Data, Cloud Engineers and also Data Strategists. While you already have to indicate your preference during the application process, the beginning of the academy will be common. Then you’ll also get through more specialised courses. After the academy you get the chance to work on projects, where you can further deepen your skills.

Are you not yet sure what is the difference between machine learning, data or cloud engineer or which one you’d like most? Don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll be more than happy to help out making the best choice for you!

The curriculum

Onboarding & landscape overview You’ll start off with an introduction to the domains dataroots is active in: Cloud, DataOps, Data Governance, Machine Learning,  etc. Then you'll be focusing on soft skills like how to communicate and how a project at the client usually looks like.

Cloud native You'll get an introduction to the three main cloud providers (AWS, GCP and Azure) and play around with the different services they provide during hands-on-labs guided by specialised colleagues. You'll also learn about how to create an infrastructure in the cloud with terraform and get an introduction to cloud architecture.

Data Engineering You’ll get introduced to  Software Engineering best practices. You will also tackle a small end-to-end project, you’ll put the things learned in practice by building a complete solution. This will include distributed computing, CI/CD, cloud and orchestration.

Machine learning & Mlops MLEs will apply best practices to build innovative models cracking business challenges. Then everyone join forces to get familiar with MLOps and machine learning lifecycle management, useful for whichever direction you decide to take in your career at dataroots.

Data platforms Data engineers and Cloud engineers learn more about data platforms, data lake design and databases.

Data strategy You'll get courses around governance, technical project management and strategy. Also you'll learn about data exploration and vizualisation and how to convey powerful messages backed up by data.

After these four weeks intense training, you should have all the knowledge and tools to get started on your first professional endeavour in AI and data. Depending on the actual situation, you could already be assigned to a project for client, supported by our experienced colleagues or you could work on a project within dataroots research. Check our github to see what the previous rootsacademy have worked on.

In the course of your first year within dataroots, you’ll also take a certification chosen based on your background, preferences and project.

Are you convinced ? Then don't hesitate to take a look at our open positions for aspiring consultants!

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