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About the event

RootsConf is a full-day event organized with two main purposes:

  1. Bring dataroots' team together: enjoy quality time to get to know each other
  2. Share & build knowledge: through sharing sessions (some of which public) about projects and technologies

The first objective is dear to us and while we went through challenging times, we never stopped sharing and we successfully organized a lot of events online. Still it feels very good to be able to organise this rootsconf at our office and meet in person.

Our knowledge sharing sessions have been carefully chosen by our Guilds.

rootsconf #3

The public track: the emerged part of the iceberg

As part of this on-site event, we decided to open up some of these knowledge sharing sessions to the public.

What follows is the public agenda, you will be able to follow these talks live on YouTube during the day. The sessions will be announced soon!

There is a bit more to it than what we expose to the public, jump to the next section to learn more.

The internal perks

The public track is only about 2h of a full day event that every datarootsian will be enjoying. Among other things, here is what the rest of the day is dedicated to:

  • 3 full tracks ! The public track only contains a fraction of the internal sessions
  • Team building activities
  • Enjoying great food & drinks
  • Participating in hidden challenges
  • Sharing of dataroots' news and upcoming plans
  • Fire & marshmallows

Sounds great, you're not part of dataroots yet ? Make sure to check out our career section to join us ! Why not enjoy this event internally next time? ;)

Hope to see you there!


We're here for you 🙌

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