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💾 Easily testing, documenting and profiling data? It’s possible with great_expectations! Discover what great_expectations is all about during our next Tour de Tools on 14 July at 3 pm CEST. Great Expectations is an open source tool built by @Superconductive.ai to check your data quality. Together with @James Campbell, CTO of Superconductive we take a closer look at it. Free registration for the livestream on Great Expectations through the link below! 👇 📆 14.07.21 - 15:00 CEST.  What is Tour de Tools? An interactive discussion on data & AI related tools! Dataroots’ lead engineer Gauthier Feuillen & founder Bart Smeets dive into the tools and brainstorm on their merits. Often with interesting guests! #Analytics #DataScience #DataEngineers #AIBelgium #Rootlabs #Webinar #AI #Devops #DataScientist #GreatExpectations #DataQuality #DataEngineering

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