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Gauthier & Bart test driving tools in the data domain while brain storming about their merits. Join us to discover driftctl with Stephane Jourdan, co-founder and CTO of driftctl. Stephane will start by quickly give some context about what are "infrastructure drifts" and how they trigger stability, compliance, and security issues. Then we'll deep dive with a live demo and sharing stories from the trenches. We'll see how even fully automated infrastructures on AWS can drift from what was expected, that Terraform cannot do what it's not meant to do, and how driftctl fits in your DevOps toolbox and workflow. More info Stephane's Twitter: https://twitter.com/sjourdan 🙌 Stephane's IaC Cookbook: https://www.packtpub.com/product/infrastructure-as-code-iac-cookbook/9781786464910 driftctl's Github: https://github.com/cloudskiff/driftctl driftctl website: https://driftctl.com/

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