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How to do data science without losing your mind (and data!) Promoting ML projects from “proof of concept” to “ongoing project” status reveals how difficult it is to work on them as a team. Researchers and engineers try various model types, feature engineering, and data sources in parallel. Recording, reviewing, and integrating what everyone did is difficult and error-prone. The problems become worse as team size increases and teams become distributed. We are happy to announce that Dean Pleban, CEO of DAGsHub, will guide us through his experiences in of working together on data science projects, the existing challenges, and introduce DAGsHub as a way to solve these issues using Git and other open source tools and formats. Follow DAGsHub updates on their channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeuZrCdpIY69XNWqn9OeSYQ or go just get started immediately at https://dagshub.com/.

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