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Brain Food

Expert workshops @ Dataroots

At Dataroots, we have been building expertise around data & AI for more than 5 years and we love to share it. Actions are so much better than words, hence we are bringing to you our Brain Food workshops (AKA expert workshops)

When? Monthly

What? A technical topic, in depth, with hands on practical exercises

Where? One of Dataroots's offices

Included? We actually don't leave you hungry here, dinner or lunch will be included 😋

For who? Anybody that is eager  to learn about a new technology in depth, develop their knowledge and boost their career  

What is the recipe for some great Brain Food?

Number of Servings: Maximum 15


  • Specialised, Practical & Useful topic, tool or service for the industry
  • In depth diving and hands on session
  • Fully equipped training room
  • A pinch of motivated participants
  • A very generous serving of questions and answers


  • Start from industry best practices
  • Season with some useful tips and tricks picked up from real-life (painful sometimes) experiences
  • Start the oven and bake a practical exercise to illustrate and achieve key learnings
  • Cover and allow for questions and debates until ready to your liking

Total Baking Time: Depending on the recipe, but between 3 and 4 hours.

Allergens: Dataroots Brain Food workshops are sustainable, gluten free, organic and no animal has been hurt in the process of preparing these recipes.

What is a recipe without its chef? The chef brings all its experience, always combines the ingredients to lead to a perfect dish and share his passion and expertise.

Check our event page for the topics and event data.
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