Coffee matters.

Data too.


  • NPS: Customer Net Promotor Score


  • eNPS: Employee Net Promotor Score
  • Events since 2021: from knowledge sharing sessions to company barbecues, all events that increase the interaction within dataroots

  • Github stars: the amount of stars awarded to our Github open source repositories
  • R&D projects: projects launched through our Guilds which are primarily focused on Data Engineering, Machine Learning or Data Strategy
  • Total years of experience: the total years of work experience summed for all dataroots employees
  • Messages sent: No not mails, Slack messages that is
  • Certifications/person: Certifications awarded by third parties like Azure, GCP, AWS, Databricks, Scrum, ...
  • Gender diversity ratio: Division of our team into groups based on declared gender # men employees : # women employees : # nonbinary employees : # other employees
  • Events organised: all team events, per category
  • Muffin sessions: one-on-one sessions organised between employees to get to know your employees in an informal way, even while working remotely
  • Sport activities: sport activities in 2021 registered on the dataroots Strava group
  • Everests climbed: the total amount of elevation during the sport activities, using the Mount Everest as unit (8848m)

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