Coffee matters.

Data too.


  • Team size: We are growing fast. At this rate, we will have taken over the world by 2055!
  • Most popular name: Duplicate names are quite common at dataroots. However, we do not have a selection bias in our recruiting process so you can save yourself the trouble of changing your name
  • Gender distribution: male : female : other
  • NPS: Net Promotor Score (from clients)


  • years of experience: the total years of overall work experience summed for all dataroots employees

  • Certifications/person: Certifications awarded by recognized third parties like Azure, GCP, AWS, Databricks, Scrum, ...
  • Github stars: the amount of stars awarded to our Github open source repositories
  • R&D projects: projects launched through our Guilds which are primarily focused on Data Engineering, Machine Learning or Data Strategy. We spend about 10% of our revenue on these innovative projects
  • Muffin sessions: one-on-one sessions organised between employees to get to know your employees in an informal way, even while working remotely
  • Coffee consumption: You get a live view on our weekly coffee consumption because of the Coffee Listener built by Batu and open sourced on our Github organisation.
  • eNPS: Employee Net Promotor Score
  • Slack messages: We send mails to clients but the easiest way to reach on of your colleagues is through Slack
  • Coffees prepared: Batu joined in 2019 but before the coffee listener, the machine kept count itself. Here you see all coffees consumed since the founding of dataroots.
  • Events since 2021: from knowledge sharing sessions to company barbecues, all events that increase the interaction within dataroots
  • Lease car alternatives: many of our employees don't have a car but make use of bike and public transport to move themselves. Or they ask their colleagues very friendly to give them a ride.
  • OSS projects sponsored: We gladly make use of Open Source solutions. We want to thank the contributors by sponsoring their projects! We are also very happy to contribute by writing code. The latter one is not included in this metric though.
  • Datafoots goals: a Belgian company with many Latin Americans cannot have no futsal team. So the datafoots teams was born! We compete against other recreational futsal teams in the region of Leuven (Liefhebbers Zaalvoetbal Cup)
  • Sick Leave: calculated by dividing the amount of days spent sick at home by the total number of working days
  • Everests climbed: the total amount of elevation during the sport activities, using the Mount Everest as unit (8848m)
  • Sport kilometers: sport kilometers in 2021 registered on the dataroots Strava group
  • Sit-stand desks: all of our desks have to ability to work on while standing
  • Kgs/fruit/month/office: every Monday morning a new fruit basket arrives at the office
  • Steps to reach the office: our HQ is on the third floor, these stairs are not counted towards the Everests climbed ;)

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