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Bringing modern solutions
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Dataroots was founded out of a strong belief that AI & data-driven solutions can be used by companies to gain a competitive edge in terms of company processes, customer interactions and legal compliance. Our mission is to deliver data-driven solutions with unrivalled longevity and business impact for our clients.

Our first-class team closely partners with our customers in a highly collaborative mode in order to achieve their ambitious goals. We do so by helping our customers leverage the value of their data and support the design of their data-driven strategy. On this journey with our customer, we ensure they succeed in achieving their strategic targets through the use of state-of-the-art data analysis, models and solutions. Our robust solutions and solid support ensure our customer becomes self-sufficient and reap the long-term benefits of our solutions.

Delivering quality to happy customers
is our core focus

Team growth is a result.

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Living by
our values.


Staying on top of every new development in the world of AI.


A talented team & accountable for our work.


Clear communication & shared goals lead to success.


Our way-of-working is transparent & our advise unbiased.

Simply Striking

Impact is what matters, let's achieve success together.

Why is there a 🏳️‍🌈 in our logo?

These colors are obviously a hint toward the LGBT Pride flag. So why is this?

The rainbow flag is an important symbol of the LGBTQ+ community, a community whose beliefs we value. Moreover we find the rainbow flag for Dataroots to be a floating signifier, a symbol that allows us to express our stance on the norms and values that we hold dear.

As a society we still have a ways to go in terms of accepting diversity. Changing societal views takes a long time and requires enough parts of a society to express their stance on a needed change. The rainbow colors that are structurally incorporated in our logo allow us to show very explicitly, and at the core of our identity, that we as Dataroots will always stand for diversity and respect in whatever shape, form or time.

Our leadership

Founding Team

Jonas Tundo


Jonas is co-founder and CEO at Dataroots. His background as bio-statistician started him on a data science career in the healthcare sector, followed by a move to the financial industry. After this he decided to create Dataroots as a response to the lagging impact of AI in Belgium. His journey as an entrepreneur has been with a focus on achieving impact and creating value for his customers.

Bart Smeets


Bart is co-founder of Dataroots. He became passionate about programming at a young age. Today at Dataroots he is active in cloud-native platform design, AI solution development, HR and strategy. Bart is a proud father and highly (too?) passionate about endurance sports. Bart believes that everything starts with a great team, everything else follows that.

Business Units

Gauthier Feuillen

Gauthier Feuillen

Operations Lead Data & Cloud

Gauthier has a background in computer engineering with a master in Artificial Intelligence. He started his career with a brief experience as a Data Scientist before fully devoting himself to Data Engineering and more broadly to Software engineering. Today Gauthier architects data intensive solutions with a great care on quality, scalability and maintainability for the clients he works with. When he is not testing a new FP programming language, he tries to improve his puck-shooting skills or spend time with his loved ones.

Charlotte De Baere

Charlotte De Baere

Operations Lead AI

Charlotte has worked on and supported numerous data and ML projects. During her most recent years, her focus shifted more towards project and stakeholder coordination in projects around machine learning, artificial intelligence, data management and towards bringing relevant business insights. The purpose of the Data Strategy guild is to guide and support businesses throughout their entire data and AI journey; from defining their business challenge, determining and developing the most suitable solution or application, to integration into their operational systems.

Gil Henry

Tech Lead AI

Gil holds master's degrees in Applied Mathematics and Management. This combo serves him well as he loves creating value for the different stakeholders he encounters during his machine learning projects. Though the digital cloud delights him, you might also find him in the physical realm climbing, skiing, or mountain-biking.

Kevin Missoorten

Kevin Missoorten

Operations Lead Data Strategy

Kevin has 10+ years of combined experience in data & analytics consulting across several industries, in particular Financial Services and Life Sciences. At Dataroots Kevin leads the team of data strategists and analytics translators, who both aim to help organisations become more data driven by bridging business needs with analytical capabilities. Kevin is most passionate about helping organisations define the next best action to take their data-driven maturity to the next level.

Samuel Dumont

Samuel Dumont

Tech Lead Cloud & Security

Sam has a background in Infrastructure and Security. He experienced first-hand the difficulties of communication between infrastructure, business and development teams, which led him to embrace the DevOps way-of-working. He loves cloud, automation, pipelines and everything-as-code. Not only because it's fun to work with those technologies, but above all, because they enable a better collaboration within organizations.

Organisational Excellence

Joke Goedeweeck

Joke Goedeweeck

Head of HR

Joke is an experienced HR generalist who strongly focuses on crossing the gap between business & HR. She’s a teamplayer with a background in social work, a history of working in tech companies and has a hands-on approach. She loves to work with people and always tries to bring out the best in them. She believes that our employees are our biggest asset, which we need to cherish & value by supporting them at all levels.

Wouter Baetens

Wouter Baetens

AI Strategist

Wouter is an organizational jack-of-all-trades at dataroots, supporting Jonas & Bart with the overall vision, mission and healthy growth of different teams. Previously, he has been active as Co-founder of an AI scale-up for several years. He enjoys working with customers and partners to shape and deliver AI projects that create impact and tangible results and strongly believes Data & AI will be at the core of modern organizations. Wouter is an avid endurance athlete and proud dad.

Virginie Marelli

Virginie Marelli

Head of Dataroots Research

Virginie has a background in mathematics and believes firmly in AI to be omnipresent in the future. Even comparing it to the second industrial revolution. She would love to play a part in this (r)evolution. In systematically improving and ensuring that AI is implemented in an ethical way, her purpose is to impact the world we live in. Virginie gladly shares her passion and experience in helping others reach their goal.

Guild Grand Masters

Bram Vandendriessche

Guild Master Data & Cloud

Asked as a kid what he wanted to do later, Bram always answered: “something with computers”. And so it came to pass. After his education in Computer Science, Bram worked as a Machine Learning Engineer before moving to Data Engineering. He loves to discover new industries and technologies and to tackle the challenges within one using the other. When Bram is not data engineering or guild grandmastering, he likes to read, be outside and play futsal.

Dorian Van den Heede

Dorian Van den Heede

Guild Master AI

With his background in computer science, Dorian pursued a career in AI as it encourages creativity when designing algorithms. Although there are rules in place, most use cases have a multitude of solutions, opening the door for intuitive and original approaches. He believes the Machine Learning guild, and dataroots by extension, is the perfect spot to combine your passions with AI and share them with like minded people through the form of initiatives.

Tim Van Erum

Guild Master Data Strategy

Tim combines a background in Computer Science Engineering with a degree in Economics, and that says is about as good of an indicator of what he represents as possible. By combining the profound interest in not only AI, but Computer Science problems in general, with a continuously developing business sense, Tim helps the Business Development team and Data Strategy Guild to reach new heights. Next to discovering new and interesting ways to solve AI problems, you'll most likely find him on a basketball court, practicing or coaching a youth team.

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