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Train Your Team

Keep up with the pace of change and build a team that can navigate a rapidly evolving field, with our expert-led in depth courses.

Our team of experts have created a curriculum to give a thorough overview of the data solution landscape and how it is supported by the main cloud providers. Our data specialists teach best practices and how to solve complex problems with a business centric mindset.

In our curriculum, we have a modular approach. Modules are hosted by our most experienced engineers, all of whom have a proven track record in the subject at hand. Each module combines theory and hands on exercises. Modules' content is updated regularly to adapt to the fast moving data & AI landscape.

What do we offer?

A training programme geared towards your specific needs. Choose from our selection of modules or get in touch to discuss a custom offering. After analysing your specific needs, we propose a specific training roadmap. In this we can combine one or more modules with more specific customised trainings, tailored to your specific company, industry or tech stack.

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