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By now, big data is not an upcoming hype anymore and almost every company has recognised the value of data for their operations. They have started to collect data with the ambition to turn it into a competitive edge. However, most of these companies are sitting on that pile of data, not using it to it's full potential or even not using it at all.

Most companies don't use more than half of the data they have available and when this data does get used, the application itself often remains unused because it's not designed to help reaching the business' objective.

What is an Analytics Translator?

Business leaders have put data analytics at the top of their agenda but might miss some technical expertise to know what is feasible with all that data. On the other side, their engineers have the technical expertise at their fingertips but might be unaware of the business objectives, struggling to turning this data into user friendly applications.

Both parties find themselves on a different wavelength, resulting in different points of view, miscommunications and eventually nothing to be done with all that data.

Our analytics translators (ATs) help fill that gap. Having both technical and business expertise, they clearly understand both sides and form the bridge in between, allowing the business to use their data, getting that competitive edge.

They understand how customer value is linked to the business objectives and what customer value can technically be achieved with the data at hand.

Important Skills of an AT

Technical expertise: Our ATs have a technical background, have built models themselves and thus know the ins and outs of the different steps in a data science process. They understand the strengths and weaknesses of all models and know what goes on under the hood.

Business expertise: Our ATs have built business expertise through education and experience. They fully understand how to match business objectives and customer value keeping technical feasibility at the back of their mind.

Story building: You can build the most advanced and sophisticated tool but if nobody needs it, there is no point building it. An AT will help you build and prioritise user stories in order to create maximal adoption of the built solution.

Story telling: Even when the built tool is very relevant, if nobody understands how to use it, there is again no point in building it. An AT will help you convert the results of your model into visualisations and designs that are intuitive and easy to understand for users and decision makers.

Project-management: With users and engineers communicating at different speeds, even when they do think they're aligned, there is a significant risk they still have a different understanding. Our ATs will help safeguarding that the technical tasks being executed do contribute to the intentioned business value, avoiding unpleasant surprises late in the project.

How can dataroots help you?

Our ATs have experience on multiple projects in multiple industries. Our ATs can help you to identify AI uses cases with your data available by organising workshops together with all stakeholders. Or you might include on of our ATs in your business processes full-time to guide your projects to maximal value and identifying new use cases along the way.


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