Robotic Process Automation

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows business to automate routine, rules-based tasks at scale. It provides the option to configure software or "robots" — more commonly called bots — to interpret and interact with existing applications that are used in day to day businesses.

Think of RPA as software that handles routine company tasks that might normally require a lot of manual interventions.


Many companies are realizing a variety of operational and business benefits through their RPA deployments, including reduced costs, increased productivity and error elimination from what were previously human-run processes.

Use Cases

Typically you will find RPA in a context where there is plenty of repetitive tasks. If it is possible to define a chain of actions that have to be performed based on some simple rules, RPA can handle this process. By integrating smart algorithmic components it is possible to enlarge the scope of our robot for it will be able to perform more intelligent tasks.

During a workflow a robot can perform any digital action as would be performed by a human intervention on a computer, enabling automation of actions such as transaction, manipulation of data, triggering of responses or communication with other digital systems.

Exception Handling

Robots will follow a configuration specified based on documentation of how a process is tackled today. Sometimes it is unavoidable to receive input that does not meet the requirements of the robot. Therefor robots can have built-in exception handling that will take care of this and alert you when unexpected input or system downtime occurs.

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