Flexible & impactful

Partner Subscription

An agile approach in a rapidly evolving domain

title: Partner Subscription header: Flexible & impactful subtitle: An agile approach in a rapidly evolving domain type: service serviceTag: partner-subscription

What it brings you

Execute, deliver & train

Have the right team & skills available at the right time. Ask ad-hoc questions around specific topics. Schedule training sessions when you need them & with a partner that knows you.

How it works

Retainer credits

At the start of each month receive an invoice for a retainer fee based on an estimated need for support (determined each quarter).


Because needs will evolve

The volume of required team & resources engagement is evaluated every sprint.


Way of working

  • Ability to easily adjust resource engagement.
  • Access to the time registration portal gives you a clear overview on how your subscription credits are spent.
  • Clear, concise & easy pricing.

Collaborate & innovate

A win-win approach!

A Partner Subscription allows you to make use of Dataroots' domain specific guilds to test ideas that are too experimental, cutting-edge or early-stage to invest in.

For every 20 days of Partner Subscription Credits consumed, you receive .5 days free in innovation credits.

Note, conditions apply with regard to the minimal expected engagement. Get in touch to find out more!


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