Definitions in Data

Business Glossary, Data Catalog and Data Dictionaries

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Definitions in Data

Data catalog - A catalog informs customers about available data sets and metadata related to a topic. It is an organization-wide asset and helps users to locate and find any data source quickly.

Data dictionary - This is an elaborate description of data, including technical information about the data such as data types, format, structure, security, accessibility, and its metadata.

Business glossary - A business glossary focuses on the meaning of data in business terms across the organization. It is a way of sharing internal vocabulary, including unique data definitions and documentation about these definitions.

dataroots can help you to gain a solid understanding of each of these concepts and why businesses should use them to improve their data context and efficiency, reduce risks and security threats, and support their data warehouses. We can provide you with the necessary frameworks and tools and help you implement these for improved data analysis.


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