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Data Engineering

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Data Engineering

Robust data pipelines are core to generating insights, to create data-driven solutions and to train AI models. They collect data from operational and third-party data sources and make them available for analysis in a trustable manner.

Modern architecture

A plethora of tools exist that support the development and deployment of data pipelines. This abundance means that an opinionated approach is required in order to build a system that is sustainable and scalable in the long run.

Robust & resilient

Most likely you are also in a context where the amount of data you have at hand grows day after day. This creates the need for a robust data pipelines system that can handle growing loads of data and can scale as needed. Resilience comes into play when something fails, if despite best efforts something goes wrong, you need to get back up & running as soon as possible without losing data.


Data quality is key. Analytical data often serves the purpose of providing a business with insights on its efficiency and performance. And it is the main input for any data driven solution. To make sure data quality is of the highest standards quality assurance needs to happen at data ingestion and monitored over time.

Uniform ingestion layer

Data ingestion can take multiple forms in between pure batch and pure streaming. Making sure that your ingestion layer supports your current and future needs is important in order to have access to a uniform ingestion layer that supports multiple modes of transports and tries to minimize overall maintenance needs.

How we support you

Dataroots has a significant body of experience on the state of the art of data engineering frameworks, cloud-native and hybrid approaches. Experience built up through the years of work with companies of all different sizes, data maturity and target domains.

We deliver strategic advise and hands-on support in order to build, optimise and grow your data platform.

Collaboration is key

We are not developing an AI solution for you, we are developing an AI solution with you! During every step of our phased approach, we work together with you in close collaboration, providing detailed information on our work, as well as gathering your input and feedback.

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