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Data Analysis

An advanced data analysis

Data analysis helps organizations make informed decisions by analyzing (large amounts of) data and turning it into actionable insights. This allows organizations to identify trends, understand customer behavior, and make more informed decisions that can drive growth and improve overall performance.

Doing so effectively requires a specific skillset, one that combines business, technical and communication skills:

Business skills:

Data Analysis starts with truly understanding what insights or data products business stakeholders require to help them push the dial. This requires a dialogue in business and not data terms that data analysts then need to convert to practical requirements.

Technical skills:

The Data Analysis process then continues by identifying what data is required to answer this need and the ability to either interact with the data platform team and/or system owners to gain access to the data and then query & profile it to assess its fit-for-purpose. Furthermore a data analysts needs to be able to use a broad scala of tools to prepare the data for analysis, analyse and visualize the data. In many cases this also requires a significant amount of statistical know-how.

Communication skills:

Finally, either the insight or the data product needs to be delivered back to business using the business' language. Rather than saying "after profiling and integrating the data my analysis indicates product A is statistically more inclined to be purchased by cluster Y customers, with the purchase distribution being skewed towards the weekend." Instead, he needs to be able to explain that if the company adjusts its marketing strategy to target the identified demographic group and emphasizes weekend promotions, it is likely to result in increased sales and customer loyalty.

Similarly supporting visualizations need to be optimally designed for the type of analysis being performed, in a highly intuitive, easy to use but action oriented way.

How we support you

Because data analysis sits on this cross-section between the data & technical teams and business, our data analyst team consists of 'bridge' profiles who combine advanced business, technical and communication skills & expertise to help our clients and projects define clear business requirements, translate them to data & technical requirements, perform both simple and advanced analysis on this data to help deliver insights and visualizations that meet business exactly where they are.

Collaboration is key

During every step of the way, our data analysts work together in close collaboration with both your business and technical teams to the right analysis is performed, the right and secure/compliant way for sustained value creation.


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