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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence & smart algorithms cover a wide array of data-driven solutions such as machine learning, deep learning, optimisation and simulation.

Can smart algorithms solve your challenges?

Definitely not all of them, but they can become a significant support tool in your long-term business strategy. Leverage them to achieve:

  • Faster decision making - By using AI alongside other programmed technologies, we can develop valuable insights and people can confidently make business decisions much faster.

  • Reduce human bias and error - With algorithms, errors are reduced and there is a much higher accuracy and precision of task execution.

  • Help reduce repetitive jobs - AI algorithms are great for those tasks that humans like to do least of all, for example manually checking documents for errors. With artificial intelligence, we can automate these everyday tasks and free people up to devote time to more productive tasks.

When cross-referencing this with a typical business model they either support the growth of revenue streams, cost minimisation or compliance & risk related efforts.

How we support you

Dataroots has a large body of expertise on the state of the art of machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science and everything that comes with this. We can guide and support you through the entire AI-journey; from defining your business challenge, determining and developing the best suited solution for you to integrating it into your system. This allows us to create the best solution for your challenge.

Through the use of the correct algorithm for the situation, we solve difficult challenges and achieve striking results. In doing so, we make sure to always use a pragmatic approach, by not overcomplicating our solutions and keeping in mind the optimal trade-off between the ability to understand the solution and the effectiveness of the solution.

We generally work with the following phases

  • AI strategy workshop - We organise a workshop to understand your business challenge and identify the possibility to apply AI. The first phase is to get to know your needs, your business and where an AI project could bring most value. Together, we define a scope and determine high level next steps.

  • Pilot project - We create an initial project implementation plan and actual solution to determine feasibility and performance. During this stage, we explore your data in depth, and create and test a concrete modelling approach, while iteratively gathering your user input and feedback. At the end of this phase, we deliver recommendations on feasibility and next steps.

  • Co-creation - In this phase, we extend the project to build and deploy AI-solutions and products. We also integrate the solution into your system. We deliver quality AI solutions generating real value!

Collaboration is key

We are not developing an AI solution for you, we are developing an AI solution with you! During every step of our phased approach, we work together with you in close collaboration, providing detailed information on our work, as well as gathering your input and feedback.


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