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Bridging the gap between the business and its technical requirements allows an organization to leverage business value with the use of existing data sources in a very efficient way.

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Analytics Translator

Understanding business requirements

Functional analysis always starts with having a clear understanding of the business requirements to help ensure that the final solution aligns with the company's objectives and meets the needs of its users.

Identifying data resources

An important aspect of coming to a technical solution, is the ability to navigate in a data landscape regardless of its storage structure. We focus on combining the necessary resources in order to find the right data solution for a particular business problem.

Data requirements

Documenting the data requirements allows you to communicate your business needs in a sustainable and transparent way to data engineers for implementation purposes - aligning business concepts with data definitions.

Bridging the gap between business and data

Business leaders often have a high-level understanding of their organization's goals and objectives, while data professionals have expertise in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data. By bringing these two groups together, organizations can use data to inform and support decision making at all levels.

How we support you

Generating value from Data & AI requires a business first perspective. Effective solutions and analysis highly depend on a thorough understanding of the true business need: how will you use this data or AI solution? How will you use the insights on a day to day basis and so what is the definition of success? Let’s find out together how we can bridge the gap between data and business needs in order to maximize your operational value.

Collaboration is key

During every step of our phased approach, we work together with you in close collaboration, providing detailed information on our work, as well as gathering your input and feedback.


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