AI is in our DNA

The Dataroots team members stem from a variety of backgrounds but we all live and breathe AI. Our skill sets, experience and shared enthusiasm make for a dynamic and accomplished mix of professionals, proud and eager to tackle every challenging project.

We always look to build a bond of trust first and a long term collaboration next. Our honesty and respect for our clients and their goals are what make us a reliable and responsible partner. We work with our clients, not just for them. We are authentic yet transparent, bold yet respectful. But most of all, we are bent on delivering the highest of quality. Innovation is what drives us and enables us to do better and deliver the advice and solutions our clients expect.

Our history

How it all came to be

Dataroots was founded in December 2016 by Jonas and Bart. Both being hands-on machine learning engineers they were very familiar with the ins and outs of the AI scene. Realising that AI at that point was still mostly focused on experimentation they seized an opportunity to build an AI competence center focusing on pushing AI from the concept to implementation phase. They embarked on a mission to build a great team of experts in artificial intelligence, technology and business. Today they are proud of the journey this team started and how it shaped the Dataroots brand.

Our mission and vision

Help your business grow with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence

Our mission

To help you take the lead

Your company data holds enormous potential ready to impact every aspect of your business. With the power of AI we get the most out of these data and generate a return on investment. We guide you through the maze of complex processes and concepts towards a sustainable competitive edge.

Our vision

To become best-in-class

Every business sets goals for itself and looks to find the shortest way to accomplish them. Harnessing the power of AI helps to make ambitions reality, to face challenges and to solve problems. Solving these problems creates added value which in turn gives a sense of achievement.

Why we deliver

That’s why we provide the solutions our clients need. To push them to achieve more. And by combining experience and expertise with a never-ending curiosity, we push ourselves to make an impact as a leading competence center in AI.

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    Quotes from datarootsians

    I love our team, especially our diversity which makes this journey even richer.


    Working for dataroots has allowed to keep learning about AI with a truly hands-on approach. I’ve discovered new industries through project work and collaborated with terrific people. It’s been really fun!


    I like to work for dataroots because here I'm more than just another employee, between the flexibility, the close follow up and the fun interactions with the colleagues, I feel at the right place in this company


    I wanted to work in a cool and dynamic company where I could also take responsibility and that’s exactly what I found at dataroots.


    At dataroots we get to work with top companies on solving high-impact business problems using state-of-the-art technology and algorithms. Add hard-working colleagues with a great sense of humor to the mix and there’s nothing more a Data Scientist can ask for.

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    Our team

    Dataroots’ most important asset

    Dataroots consists of a great team of experts that embodies our focus on quality and innovative spirit day in day out. They are the force behind our impact. Each of our team members shows involvement and dedication, which leads to a winning performance time and time again. They act on each opportunity and always choose a course of development over a passive attitude.

    Jonas Tundo
    Bart Smeets
    Machine Learning Engineer
    Dorian Van Den Heede
    Machine Learning Engineer
    Gil Henry
    HR Support
    Michelle Claessens
    Office Manager
    Chantal Dechamps
    Machine Learning Engineer
    Dimitri Pfeiffer
    Machine Learning Engineer
    Vladimir Vrabel
    Team Lead
    Virginie Marelli
    Data Solution Architect
    Tim Verhoeven
    Machine Learning Engineer
    Stefan Nikolić
    Machine Learning Engineer
    Rytis Bagdziunas
    Machine Learning Engineer
    Nemanja Radojkovic
    Team Lead
    Pablo Cogis
    Machine Learning Engineer
    Nikolajs Prihodko
    Machine Learning Engineer
    Cynthia Laureys
    Analytics Translator
    Thibaut Bender
    Machine Learning Engineer
    Noël Schneider
    Machine Learning Engineer
    Nick Schouten
    Machine Learning Engineer
    Joris Schrauwen
    Machine Learning Engineer
    Frederik De Smedt
    Data Engineer
    Boris Shilov
    Machine Learning Engineer
    Baturay Ofluoglu
    Machine Learning Engineer
    Murilo Cunha

    We’re looking for great people to join our team!

    We have a list of current open positions and jobs to come. Take a look on our job platform and discover the perks.

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