Financial sector

Customer 360 dashboard in the financial sector

The challenge

With a growing business, our client saw the number of systems interacting with their customers increasing. This made tracking customer events and the customer journey a real challenge.

Our client saw the value of tracking customer actions across all touchpoints. Therefore, they invested in an in-house big data environment, where they started to stream and dump data coming from all sources. What lacked was the desired customer 360 dashboard.

Our approach

Understanding the large potential the client’s data held, we started ingesting all incoming data into a common format in a common place. While not only scalable, this technology also made it easy to handle out-of-order messages and is future proof for potential GDPR-related concerns.

Implementing this information the client could finally build customer profiles and track their interactions through all the touchpoints.

The outcome

Dataroots helped the client activate the added value that already existed in their data. The developed profiles enabled a much deeper view on customer behaviour. This opened the doors to informed decision making in support-task, marketing campaigns as well as advanced analytics to enhance the customer experience.