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At dataroots, we are passionate data-specialists that strongly believe in the power of our team! The work we do is supported by our values as foundation: In everything we do, we strive for our clients to be leaders and innovators in their industry by delivering them Revolutionary designs and implementations. We Own our work and take responsibility for what we do while always being Open to receive and give feedback. The Trust we give to each other is what allows you to try new things, sometimes fail but always learn which in the end leads to a Simply Striking service delivery and, equally important, work environment.

Our ROOTS enable us to deliver awesome solutions with a strong focus on DataOps and MLOps. We strive to not deliver one-offs but guide our clients towards robust and production-ready implementations which are actually being used in their daily operations.

Starting your career at dataroots? Rootsacademy!

Did you like what you’ve read so far? Then you’ll definitely be interested to hear about our Rootsacademy for young graduates! We provide you with a solid foundation to kick-off your career in the data & AI domain. Our team of experts have created a rocking program during which you get a thorough overview of the data solution landscape and how these are supported by the main cloud providers and several frameworks. You’ll be taught all of this along with some best practices by our top data specialists who have plenty of experience and have a fully customer centric mindset to solve complex problems. What’s for sure is that you’ll end up among a bunch of motivated AI enthusiasts and will be immersed in an amazing work environment

One remark to make is that the academy is for Machine Learning, Data and Cloud Engineers. While you already have to indicate your preference during the application process, the beginning of the academy will be common. About halfway, you’ll get through more specialised courses and after the academy you get the chance to start working in your field of preference. Are you not sure yet what the difference between the three is or which one you’d like most? Don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll be more than happy to help out making the best choice for you!

The curriculum

Week 1 : Onboarding & landscape overview You’ll start off focusing on soft skills like how to communicate with clients after which you’ll already get introduced to the basics of Cloud, DataOps, Data Governance, Python and Software Engineering best practices.

Week 2: Data Engineering We’ll speed up a bit and you will already tackle a small end-to-end project together with fellow academy members. You’ll put the things learned during the first week in practice building a complete solution which you could potentially deliver to a client. This will include distributed computing, CI/CD on the cloud and orchestration.

Week 3: Cloud native This week you’ll go more in detail on the three main cloud providers (AWS, GCP and Azure) and play around with the different services they provide during hands-on-labs guided by specialised colleagues. Your creative thinking will be tested during concrete cases requesting you to build the ideal cloud architecture.

Week 4: Machine learning & Mlops or Infrastructure This is the week where the Machine Learning Engineers (MLE) and Data Engineers (DE) will dig deeper into their field of interest. MLEs will apply best practices to build innovative models cracking business challenges while DEs learn more about Infrastructure-as-Code and data lake design. In the end, they join forces to get familiar with MLOps and machine learning lifecycle management, useful for whichever direction you decide to take in your career at dataroots.

After these four weeks training, you should have all the knowledge and tools to get started on your first professional endeavor. Depending on the actual situation, this could already be on a real client, supported by your experienced colleagues or this could be a project that contributes to dataroots and the full open-source community

You’ll also get time to achieve a specialised cloud certification based on your background, preferences and project.

Are you completely convinced after reading this information? Then don't hesitate to take a look at our open positions!

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