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🤖 Looking for an internship?

Internships are the perfect way for you to see if you would like to pursue a career in AI and for us to see if there’s a match for a long-term collaboration!

There is not enough time in a human life to develop all the cool ideas that we have in mind so it didn’t take too long for our team of experts to put together a cool list of topics for your internship. This which will give you the opportunity to get introduced to the world of AI, Cloud, DataOps, InfraOps and robust software design. Possible topics could be

  • Reinforcement learning agents for game-played football
  • AI song contest (beatroots)
  • Tour of explainability techniques
  • A COVID retrospective through (fake) news propagation
  • An extensive benchmark of orchestration tools
  • Re-agent for offline Reinforcement learning training
  • Home design, how AI helps you customize your furniture

But if you have a cool idea yourself, we’d be more than happy to hear about it and see how we could help you out!

During the internship, you will be working with dataroots colleagues that will support you throughout your journey. Together, we will define the scope of the project and guide you towards a successful delivery. The goal of this internship is not only to deliver a successful end result but to also introduce you to industry best practices and most of all to get you excited to start a career in AI!

You’ll be invited to one of our offices which are the ideal workplace to meet people with an innovative mindset and to guide you as closely as possible, not leaving you hanging with any questions.

So do you feel ready to roll into your next adventure? Let’s meet!

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